Every business dreams of expanding their business online. Reaching out to the offshore customers can be quite a lead and it may immensely help the brand grow. However, internet marketing needs expert hands for online transactions and data interchange.

Since the advent of technology websites started evolving with more and more options to deliver quality services to their clients. Electronic commerce or e-commerce was an additional boon to the world of technology. Businesses with products and services have always found e-commerce to their advantage.

E-commerce websites have made it easy for the online visitors to purchase their good and services with a few simple clicks. E-commerce eventually proved to be effective when making transactions through the World Wide Web.

When it comes to getting the best E-commerce development for your online needs, Ooosprong is equipped with expert designers and developers. We completely understand your audience and are also knowledgeable about the current e-commerce trends.

Customs designs or not, we create a mobile-friendly design tailored to your business requirements. Our e-commerce principles are formulated just to create successful online stores. Leveraging upon the various shopping cart software, we create a stupendous aura for your clients to shop at.

Every business doesn’t deserve to top the Google ranking. There are well, several factors that bring them up to the top. At Ooosprong, our specialists know the magic ingredients and are ready to help you outgrow the toppers.

No. We don’t leave your e-commerce solution as soon as we have created them. Rather, as the next step, we develop comprehensive marketing strategies for the solution to be triumphant in its journey. Alongside e-commerce, our services also feature CMS integration, social media networking, SEO marketing, brand development and more.

Our e-commerce packages include the following:

1. PayPal Shopping Cart.

This shopping cart exhibits product images followed by check-out buttons. The visitors could select any particular product and they would be directed to PayPal in order to make the purchase.

Price: Ranges from $100 - $500 depending on the complexity.

2. Premium Shopping Cart.

The Premium Shopping Cart is much more potent than the previous one. It includes a category system, an internal search engine, a manufacture drill down, and interactive modules too. It even incorporates a Content Management System control panel for storefront and products.
This system mainly aims at providing a great shopping experience being much more user- friendly.

Price: Ranges from $1800 - $5000 depending on the complexity.

3. Standard Shopping Cart Integration or Solution.

This semi-integration e-commerce doesn't let the client's website redirect to another website for payments. The package highlights a secure system that exhibits the thumbnail with a detailed description of each product.
It is easily navigable as per categories or manufacturers. The package also includes a control panel in order to manage the orders and customers. Enhanced product presentation is one among the factors that make this package much preferable.

Price: Ranges from $500 to $1800 depending on the complexity.

Time is crucial when it comes to keeping your budget under control. So as to not burn your pockets, we try to charge a low monthly fee rather than a fixed amount for the whole project. The fee mainly depends on the time that a developer spends your project. No, we don't charge any additional programming charges. We even give you the opportunity to communicate with the programmer to give you more control over the products.

Price: Ranges from $1200 to $2000 per month.

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