At Ooosprong, we are determined to make a change. And this includes imparting the knowledge of web development to the curious world around. Our three-month training program is designed to turn every candidate into a web developer.
The training program is the brainchild of our team of experts at Ooosprong. The course would take every candidate through the different aspects of web development and the processes involved in it. After completing the course successfully, each student will work on live projects under our guidance. This helps them in building their portfolio when aiming for a job.
Web development is the process of developing applications for websites using an array of binary languages and programs. We provide web development training that makes you an expert in working with all the programs including PHP and MySQL.

Through the training program, you will learn;

Certified Training

At the end of your training program you will be awarded with certificate of completion.

About this Course

The course would take you through different aspects of web development and sometimes even further to fields like artificial intelligence. Being developed by experts actively involved in web development make the course much more beneficial for the candidates by adopting the best practices.
After the completion of the course, each candidate will receive a certificate of completion and the much-required experience to build their CV.


When building a new website, it is always so confusing to choose a language to work with. PHP has been a great option when considering many aspects. PHP helps in weaving a website with faster site loading speeds, and less hosting expenses.
Thus, learning PHP has always been every developer's leisure time job. PHP offers great opportunities for freelance work and is used by 80% of the top websites. PHP was made for the web, and it has so far done its job well.
PHP is generally easy to get started with. Hence, our experts make it much easier for you and get you well acquainted with this popular language.

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an ever expanding and dynamic field. The course is aimed at teaching the students ways of building the artificial intelligence in a simple language. Ever since the advent of computers, humans have tried to make computer systems capable of handling everyday tasks.
To achieve this, they have tried reducing the size and elevating their speed. Our course will teach you the basics of AI through which you would be able to weave multiple applications.
In this course, you will learn the following;

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one among the applications of AI. It provides the system with the capability to automatically learn new aspects without explicit programming. Or rather, Machine learning focuses on developing the computer programs to make them capable of accessing and learning data for themselves.


Robots are everywhere, and Robotics has an impact in all career sectors. They are simply transforming our everyday life. Under robotics, you learn the mathematical concepts and the programming tools associate with building robots that make everyday life easier.

Neural Networks

Neural networks are electronic networks that work similar to neurons or the neural structure of the brain. They record data one at a time and learn by comparing their records which are used for modifying and correcting network algorithms.
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