Website development in itself is a crucial factor for any business. The website is always a pivotal centre that concedes information and business interaction. Thus, it is essential that you work with a reputed web developer that is reliable and competent.
At Ooosprong, we recognize the importance of web technology and the role that it plays in the professional realm. In order to initiate your business online, our resources feature cost- effective and practical solutions. Our administration highlights services including programming, web design, e-commerce business development, and content development. Our quality assurance teams maintain stringent standards, and client interaction for product excellence is one among our trademarks.

Web Design

Our web design services are quick, amble, and customized to meet your demands. It just takes one second for a visitor to judge your website. With a single glance, your visitors could determine whether your site is trustworthy enough or not. Ooosprong is a web design company based in India with expertise in creating an attractive site that provides a great user experience.


Online stores or rather e-commerce have aided the internet work for the past years. Without e-commerce majority of the internet-based companies would have seen their end sooner or later. Therefore, e-commerce is now cardinal to every triumphant business.
As an e-commerce web design company, we have been implicated in creating as well as managing online stores for the past (mention the number of years here) years. We have our clients from almost every industry, and they have assigned us to the task of weaving something immensely valuable and fitting.

Ooosprong offers the following packages:

PayPal Shopping Cart

This shopping cart exhibits product images followed by check-out buttons. The visitors could select any particular product and they would be directed to PayPal in order to make the purchase.
Price: Ranges from $100 - $500 depending on the complexity.

Premium Shopping Cart Solution

The Premium Shopping Cart is much more potent than the previous one. It includes a category system, an internal search engine, a manufacture drill down, and interactive modules too. It even incorporates a Content Management System control panel for storefront and products.
This system mainly aims at providing a great shopping experience being much more user- friendly.
Price: Ranges from $1800 - $5000 depending on the complexity.

Custom Programming and Software Development

Our panel of technicians is specialists in building advanced and hospitable online tools. Our conventional programming services include the following.

Methods of Development

Time is the key to developing complex e-commerce solutions. In order to cut down the costs, we at Ooosprong charge a minimal monthly fee rather than a fixed price for the whole project. The amount of time that a programmer spent a month working on your project will decide the monthly fee that you will pay. Thus, there are no additional programming charges, and so as to maintain continuity a single programmer would be assigned with the responsibility of your whole project.
We even provide our customers with the facility of communicating directly with their programmers. Because we believe that these effective strategies give our clients more control over their products.
Price: Ranges from $1200 to $2000 per month.

Data Entry Services.

An enormous amount of product information is tantamount to every e-commerce solution. So how do we gather all the product information?
Data entry is the one-step solution to harvesting the products from the internet as well as from the client's correspondents. A control panel or a type of direct database interaction then input all the data. We provide you with yet another option to maintain a perfect control over the information by using a control panel when building the e-commerce solution. The control panel enables you to input data on your own, or if you feel burdened doing the task on your own our Data Entry Division is always up for your service.
Price: Ranges from $1200 to $1400 per month.

E-Commerce SEO Marketing.

Ranking your website’s product visibility is our trademark. We get your products listed on the first page of Google, eBay, and Amazon. In case of eBay, and Amazon your site will not only be listed under a particular set of keywords, but also when searching for a product model number, and manufacturer. The number of products that you have in our system will decide the monthly fee.
Price: Ranges from $300 to $1000 per month.

Upkeep and Maintenance

At Ooosprong we have a list of systems to productively manage the millions of products that we have in our database. Our wide range of monthly plans enables you to keep your site up to the minute without clutter.

Our Service

Here are only a couple of cases of the quality and craftsmanship that we convey each day:

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